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Celebrate 4th Of July At Pirates Dinner Adventure!

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There’s no better place to celebrate the 4th of July than Pirates Dinner Adventure! Fighting pirates has been an American tradition since the settlers first landed here, and America has been home to some of the greatest pirates to sail the seven seas.

The most infamous American pirate was Edward Low, a Boston sailor who stole a sloop off the coast of Rhode Island and “declared war on the world.” He attacked Americans and Englishmen in the Atlantic, torturing them until they agreed to join his crew. Once, he even boiled a French sailor alive! After fighting a British warship, he disappeared in the south Atlantic in 1724. No one knows what happened to him. Some say he drowned in a storm, but others say he escaped to Brazil with his stolen treasure.

The most successful American pirate was Jean Lafitte. From his fort off the coast of Louisiana, he attacked ships sailing around Cuba and the Caribbean. Later, he fought in the Battle of New Orleans with Andrew Jackson. Afterwards, he moved his headquarters to Galveston and declared himself the ruler of Texas. He was eventually chased out of Galveston in 1821 by an American warship, but Lafitte escaped with his treasure and was never heard from again.

The last American pirate was Charles Gibbs. Born in Rhode Island, Gibbs became a pirate after leading a mutiny on an American merchant ship. Gibbs raided ships in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico but was eventually defeated by the US Navy. Somehow, Gibbs escaped and managed to steal a ship carrying silver from South America. He sailed it to Long Island, New York, but was recognized when he came ashore. He was arrested by the police and convicted of murder and mutiny. He was hanged on Ellis Island in 1831.

The old pirates may be gone, but their spirit is still alive at Pirates Dinner Adventure. On July 4th, our pirates will battle it out on the high seas, like so many American pirates before them. Watch and cheer as they swoop through the air, singing sea chanties and dueling each other with sword and pistol. Located in Orange County, next to Knotts Berry Farm and Medieval Times, Pirates Dinner Adventure is the only place you’ll want to be this Independence Day. It’s fun for the whole family and part of an American tradition. Buy your tickets today!

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