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Visit Anaheim Partnership

Get ready for live entertainment on the high seas with action and adventure at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, the “World’s Most Interactive Dinner Show”. Travel back... Read More

Pirates Takes Christmas!

Avast, mateys! Christmas is upon us once again. That means singing, dancing, feasting, games, and all other sorts of holiday mischief. But what’s this? Santa... Read More

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yarrr, mateys! Are you ready for the best day of the year? That’s right! Batten down the hatches because September 19 is International Talk Like... Read More

Pirates Summer Camp

No buccaneer should spend summer cooped up at home. Summer is a time for fun and excitement; a chance to explore uncharted waters and experience... Read More

Pirates Celebrate Easter

Did you know that pirates celebrated Easter? It’s true! In the old days, most pirates got their start as soldiers. They were recruited by Spain,... Read More