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Labor Day At Pirates Dinner Adventure!

a group of people performing on a stage

Summer may be winding down, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had in Orange County. Set sail with Pirates Dinner Adventure this Labor Day weekend and watch as our crew battles pirates, scallywags, and sea monsters to rescue the beautiful Princess Anita from the evil clutches of pirate king Sebastian the Black. Enjoy fighting, singing, and laughter aboard our 18th century Spanish galleon while our master chefs serve your family a mouth-watering feast. You won’t find anything comparable to it on any of the seven seas.

Pirates Dinner Adventure is a one of a kind experience. Action, comedy, romance – you’ll find it all here. It’s fun for the whole family. Mom, dad, boys, and girls will thrill at the aerial stunts, exciting duels, and wacky hijinks of our pirate crew. And who knows? You might even get invited to take part in the action. Every night, up to 150 guests come onstage and join our pirates in their epic quest. It’s the world’s largest interactive dinner show.

Don’t let the summer slip by without one truly great family adventure. Reserve your tickets today for Pirates Dinner Adventure Labor Day celebrations. It’s dinner theater like you’ve never experienced before!

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