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Pirates Takes Christmas!

Avast, mateys! Christmas is upon us once again. That means singing, dancing, feasting, games, and all other sorts of holiday mischief. But what’s this? Santa Claus has been kidnapped by the evil Sebastian the Black and is being held captive at the Hidden Lagoon. Can Christmas be saved? Will the evil Sebastian the Black succeed in stealing Santa’s presents? Or will brave Benjamin Blue rescue him from Sebastian’s sinister clutches? Come experience the adventure as pirates battle for Christmas, Santa, and the holiday season.

Pirates Dinner Adventure is a must see this December. Pirates love Christmas. Our Spanish Galleon will be festooned with lights, decorations, and ornaments, and our Christmas dinner is one of the best in Orange County. There will be songs, races, and fun Christmas activities for the whole family. Kids, parents, and grandparents will laugh, thrill, and cheer at our holiday antics. And who knows? You might even get invited onstage to help save Santa yourself. Up to 150 guests join us onstage every night for an interactive Christmas show extravaganza. So, don’t wait. Buy your tickets and come be a part of the action this Christmas at Pirates Dinner Adventure.

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