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Pirates Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Ahoy boyos! St. Patrick’s Day is upon us again and in honor or all the Irish pirates who terrorizes the seven seas, we’re inviting all the buccaneers in Orange County to come and celebrate with us. Irish pirates have been looting ships for over 1,000 years. Legend has it they even kidnapped St. Patrick himself and brought him to Ireland when he was a boy. It’s said St. Patrick was so upset by their behavior, he decided to return to Ireland and convert them to Christianity.

The Irish also helped write one of the first pirate codes. In the 17th century, the Irish pirate George Cusack made every man who joined his crew sign of list of rules he’d written and promise to live and die by them. His rules also promised every crew member a fair share of all the loot they plundered.
An Irishman was also one of the first pirates to fly the Jolly Roger – the black flag with the skull and crossbones. His name was Edward Seeger, but he changed it to Edward England when he became a pirate. He sailed around Africa capturing ships and eventually married one of the women he kidnapped before his crew mutinied and marooned him on an island off Madagascar.

Even more famous was Grace O’Malley: the Irish pirate queen. She led her clan against England during the Nine Years War, attacking English ships, raiding English castles, and fighting English soldiers. Some say she once defeated a group of English soldiers by burning them with molten lead.

So, join us on St. Patrick’s Day and have a drink in memory of the great Irish pirates. Pirates Dinner Adventure is a family show and we have drinks for all ages. Kids are encouraged to dress up in their best pirate costumes, but be careful. The Loch Ness Monster likes St. Patrick’s Day too, and you never know when he might be lurking…

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