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Pirates Dinner Adventure Celebrates Mother’s Day

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Join us this Mother’s Day at Pirates Dinner Adventure. In honor of mothers everywhere – on the high seas or dry land – the pirates are holding a great feast. Come and enjoy swordplay, comedy, and thrills at our one-of-a-kind dinner show. You’ll eat food fit for a pirate king. You’ll sing old sea chanties. You’ll gasp as our actors swing overhead. And we’ll celebrate all the mothers in the crowd, who do so much for their little buccaneers.

Pirates throughout history have loved their mothers. Even the worst of them, Blackbeard the Pirate, was a mamma’s boy. He named his only daughter after his mother, Elizabeth. Two of the most daring pirates in history were actually mothers themselves. Anne Bonney, who terrorized the Caribbean had two children while raiding merchant ships in the 18th century. The Chinese pirate Ching Shih commanded a fleet of 1700 pirate ships and over 70,000 men, but she also had four children – three boys and a girl. At the Battle of the Tiger’s Mouth, she fought the whole Portuguese navy to keep them safe.

To show our appreciation for her and everything our mothers do for us, we invite you to spend Mother’s Day with our pirate crew. Our dinner show is fun for the whole family – a chance to create exciting memories you’ll cherish for years. Motherhood is an adventure and in Orange County, there is no more exciting way to celebrate it than a night at Pirates Dinner Adventure!

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