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Pirates Celebrate Easter

a person wearing a costume and holding a sign

Did you know that pirates celebrated Easter? It’s true! In the old days, most pirates got their start as soldiers. They were recruited by Spain, England, France, Holland, and Turkey to raid ships and bases in America, Atlantic, and the Caribbean. They called themselves privateers and celebrated all their traditional holidays onboard ship – even Easter. A few pirate ships even carried chaplains to lead Sunday services.

The old pirate spirit is still alive at Pirates Dinner Adventure. Every night is filled with romance, swordplay, and sea chanties. Pirates loved to celebrate, and any holiday celebrated on land was celebrated at sea as well, with food, drink, and fun. No one loved fun more than they did, which is why you’ll find so many of them at Pirates Dinner Adventure. Everything we do is spectacular. Our pirates swoop through the air. They race each other in ships. They sing. They fight. A few even fall in love.

Even before the show, the air is filled with delicious intrigue. Watch closely and you’ll see pirates mixed in with the crowd outside the doors, rubbing elbows with our guests and plotting against one another. There are even rumors that the strange and mysterious Loch Ness Monster has been spotted circling our lagoon.

Pirates Dinner Adventure is a top-rated family entertainment. Adults and children of all ages will find something to love, from the food, to the songs, to the adventure. Chart a new course this Easter. Join us and find out why it’s so much fun to be a pirate.

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