Legend Of The Loch Ness Monster

The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster begins on the night of the Governor’s Gala, celebrating the defeat of the Sebastian the Black, the dreaded pirate king. Attending the gala are her royal highness, Princess Anita, Raddo the Mystic, and the Golden Gypsy, who holds the key to a legendary pirate treasure hidden in a secret cove and guarded by the ferocious Loch Ness Monster. Suddenly, at the height of the festivities… PIRATES ATTACK! Sebastian the Black has returned to take his revenge!

He and his pirate crew catch the King’s soldiers by surprise and kidnap the Golden Gypsy, Princess Anita, and all her guests, taking them back to their ship in Secret Cove to find the lost treasure, but what Sebastian doesn’t know is that his son, Benjamin Blue, has fallen in love with Princess Anita and is plotting a rebellion against his father and his evil schemes.

Will Captain Sebastian find the gold? Will Benjamin’s love defeat his father’s greed? Will they survive when Nessie rises from the waves to defend her treasure? Find out in a night packed with action, adventure, fun, and romance on the high seas!

The Preshow

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is swashbuckling fun for lads and lasses of all ages. Travel back to the age when pirates ruled the seas and monster legends ruled the deep.

The dinner show starts at the Governor’s Gala, where our crew will greet you and take your photo: a souvenir of a night sure to last a lifetime. Dress up in your favorite pirate garb and keep an eye out for surprise encounters as you mix and mingle with the other guests. Enjoy a scrumptious variety of appetizers –carved meats, cheesy fritters, and fresh veggies – but save room for the feast – enough to satisfy even the hungriest pirate!

Buccaneers can quench their thirst with refreshing libations from our cash bar. For seasoned sailors, there’s the Governor’s Margarita. For little scallywags, a delightful Shirley Temple. Those searching for loot should visit our seaport merchants and face painters at our gift shop: The Pillage and Plunder.
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